Jay is a visionary who not only sees the future, but has the drive to make it happen. He has been in an executive position in every company he has been part of for the last 20 years. His business acumen and passion for helping others reach their goals enabled him to lead numerous successful national and global marketing teams, as well as develop strategies that have been implemented by thousands of employees in sales departments around the world.



E.R.A. is an optimist, free thinker and believer in mankind’s ability to blossom into a peaceful, loving species. She looks for opportunities to make her corner of the world better. She was the CEO of a national software company and has held high executive positions for the last thirteen years. Before that she was an artist, art teacher, computer teacher, lab tech and activist. She loves art and programming, enjoying any project that meshes them both.



Bruce is a software engineer and software architect with almost 20 years of experience in the payments industry. He was a partner in a global software company and the CTO of a mobile-transaction processing company. He is proficient in multiple coding languages and softwares. He has developed hundreds of video games, apps and VR experiences. He has been working with machine learning and AI for over 4 years. His strong engineering foundation makes him adept at developing anything.

Andrey is a dedicated to building systems that improve business processes. He is in an expert in web development, ecommerce, internet marketing and client server/relational database design. He has owned a successful development company, been a project lead for countless businesses and projects, and has a vast network of resources to put together an amazing team of developers for any project.


Marketing Director

An influencer in his own right with extensive history and success in the music industry, AP has unparalleled experience in entertainment. A natural leader with the ability to think critically and creatively, AP brings fresh perspective, relativity and relatability to content development. Aaron has the keen ability to create and maintain close relationships, including contacts at the industry’s most recognized labels such as MCA, Universal, Sony, BMG and more.

Social Media Marketing Director

Ellie has an amazing analytical approach to online and social media marketing because of her background in computer science. She has owned a successful development company, been a partner in a language school, and worked as a lead developer or head of marketing for numerous national and global companies. She can read the trends in social media and marketing as they happen and sometimes predict what will be next.

Art Director

Intuitive, talented and resourceful. Becca creates graphics that are exciting, engaging and aesthetically pleasing. She is amazing at leading teams because of her ability to see and bring the best out in the people around her. She is a gifted NFT artist and graphic designer.

Brand Ambassador

Ashlie is a fierce social media influencer. She is as savvy as she is beautiful. She is a gifted fashion designer and has recently launched her own bikini line.

SR Sales Developer

Jean Pierre Niyibizi is the main contact for sales associates and clients in Arizona. He works with our sales team to ensure they deliver the best service possible.